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Archive Settings Excluded Items Not Working  XML
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Bruce Giles

Joined: 05-Dec-07 03:47
Messages: 89

I have an archive file called "Main Backup.quanta" which I use for backing up my entire hard drive (and home folder). I have a separate archive file called "Virtual Machines.quanta", which I use to backup my Virtual Machines folder (from VMware Fusion). Since I only want the VM files to get backed up to the Virtual Machines archive, I've gone into the archive settings for Main Backup, and excluded the Virtual Machines folder. Specifically, in the Exclude section, under Specific Items, I have "bgiles > Documents > Virtual Machines".

This works for a while, and then at some point it stops working. I noticed because my home folder backups seemed to be taking a LOT longer, and then I noticed that the VM folder was appearing in the Activity Monitor window. I checked the log file for the capture that was currently running, and found this:

Filter cannot make reference to item Virtual Machines
path: /Users/bgiles/Documents/Virtual Machines

And sure enough, the folder was now being archived in the Main Backup file. The first time this happened, it was just after upgrading to Catalina and the Catalina version of QRecall, so I deleted the exclude for the folder, and then re-added it, and then checked the next backup session to confirm that the folder was indeed being excluded. But sometime later, I'm not sure how long it took, the exclude quit working again, with the same message in the log. What's going on, and how do I fix it? I'm sending a report as well, in case that provides some additional information you need. Thanks!

-- Bruce

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James Bucanek

Joined: 14-Feb-07 10:05
Messages: 1434

It's probably a bookmark issue. Excluded items are stored as bookmarks (which replace aliases), but like aliases changes to volume identifiers and whatnot can cause them to lose track of their original item.

As an alternative, try using an exclusion pattern, since this isn't a folder that's likely to get renamed or moved.

In the Patterns section, add a new "glob" pattern, enter the path you want to exclude on the left and make the pattern to exclude * on the right, like this:

/Users/bgiles/Documents/Virtual Machines // * ✓ ∞

That should permanently exclude every item in your Virtual Machines folder forever.

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