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Is there a way to perform an "auto merge" ? I'd like to merge all layers of a given month to keep only one layer per month for anything from last year (just an example). Is there a way to automate this (at the moment it is a tedious manual process) ?
Problem seem to be back - tried a restore - failed.

Diagnostic sent.
Aha - will give it a try !
I seem to remember at some point a discussion about pre/post execution scripts.

Is that feature implemented ?

Thanks - got your new build and it seems to work (at least did not crash outright).

FWIW I often have a VeraCrypt fully encrypted disk attached to my machine that obviously does not have any OS readable volume - it might be the one that is upsetting your code.

In any case will send another diagnostic when the restore finishes - hopefully without further issues.

UPDATE: The restore completed successfully - sent a new report.
Just happened again and sent report referencing this thread
Dont't know if it is relevant to this specific thread but I have a very similar issue with a RESTORE operation which systematically fails

I managed to recover the file from a secondary (cloud) backup but this is obviously not good.

Oh ok - I thought it was already possible

using the "before" and "after" actions.

But looking closer I understand you can't actually run a script - which would be neat...
I have a much better solution for this kind of problem in the next major release of QRecall...)

Aha.. now you got me interested

Something we can discuss here ? If you have something "in the pipeline" I guess I will not invest time / resources in tuning by backup routine ...
Thanks for you detailed answer.

My problem is that my system - and those VM - run pretty much 24/7. I might consider suspending them for capture but I'd really like to avoid actually shutting down (if at all possible).

FWIW I managed to recover a Time Machine backup of the VM that was taken pretty much at the same time as the corrupt QR one - but I think it is just a matter of luck...
I am using Vmware fusion and part of my Qrecall Backup the various VMs I have on my system.

As you probably know the virtual machines are stored within HFS "bundles", which includes all the individual files comprising a specific VM.

I recently had to recover a VM and unfortunately I was greeted with this error:

I understand (but I might be wrong) that the issue was that the VM was running during the backup and that the some of the underlying files where modified during the backup, thus making the "bundle" inconsistent.

I guess that this backup is pretty much toast but I would very much hear your advices about avoiding such an issue in the future. My first inclination would be to script a VM "suspend" as a "before capture" script ? Any further info / pointer much appreciated.
I certainly see your point but I have not - yet - found the "sweet spot"...

Where TM "just works", capturing my system state every 2 hours and managing to provide 6 months history on a 2Tb usb3 drive without _any_ overwatch from me (and it _does_ work as tested multiple times) I have not yet managed to keep more than a dozen daily captures with QR and have to manually manage them (for the time being). The automated actions are not working within a decent time frame (ie 24h is not enough for QR to stay current - even with a single daily capture, with the very same hardware that works just fine with TM). I'm sure I am not using it correctly but there is a definite opportunity for improvement here IMHO.
Thanks for the detailed answer.

Well to be honest I am looking for something that would be working as nicely as Time Machine when it comes to managing archive space - with TM is is really "set and forget" while in QR I have to regularly manually manage my archives. I will look into the advice you gave but somehow I feel there is room for improvement.

Sorry I really did try to find this in the doc / FAQ but can't seem to locate the answer.

Is it possible to set a fixed limit for the archive size - say 1TB - and let QRecall manage it so that it doesn't grow past that ?
Running latest versions of OSX, QRecall and VmWare Fusion.

I am still seeing some issues with backing up running VMs.

  • If said VMs have active snapshots, the backup time increases hugely, with the machine crawling to the verge of being completely unusable

  • I also see that QRecall spends an inordinate amount of time trying to backup vmware lck files (I guess I should exclude them, but not sure how to proceeded with files within a package)

  • Any suggestion most welcome
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