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Messages posted by: Jan Sass
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Author Message
> You need to hop on the QRecall 2.0 beta bandwagon.

Ah, alright, then i can put them mentally into "info", not "error". Alright, thank you again for the outstanding support!

Sent Report!
Where do i find the capture log?

I get this error on every newer backup; but even at highest level of detail i dont know what happened, what failed or what to do..

Can you advise?


its been a looong time, but is cool to see you support is still a that high level

Worked, perfect, case closed,

Thank you so much for QR2
PS: i can not open from menu eighter (double clicking an archive works)
Ever since upgrading to recent mac os x 10.11.3 i can not create a new archive: I press cmd+n, menu flashes, but nothing happens. Going to menu > new archive > nothing..

What can i do?

Hi James,

thanks for your patience. Since i am currently running out of time, i can't stay with QR. I will revert to my old solution and check back to QR in about half a year to see if it has made steps into the right direction.

Best Regards
Ok, created a new archive with 44b yesterday, pressed 'run' in actions-pane today, and got 'connection with command process closed' after about 5 min. and 17 files backup. backup stoped after some more minutes, stating: corrupted, repair or reindex?

plus: i have backup up only 1 drive, not multiple as in the past.

so, my 44b is broken again, backup data lost.

btw: where are the actions aliases stored? i have a 'cant resolve alias ...' in logs
just started QR and saw an error:
capture to .. failed due to data integrity problem. consider reindex, repair.

this was the first run after yesterdays 44a install with a clean, new backup.

i'll discard the 44a backup and create a new one using 44b. will report tomorrow!
bad idea chosing the forums@.. i took the other!
i've zipped and mailed the to forums@..

Please treat the data according to my mail,
i was unable to reindex or repair, because reindex almost instantly fails and repair took long only to stop in the first 5% not moving any further for hours..

You can have all of my logs, if only i knew where to find them (i can view them, but where can i save them?).. Pls advise, and i'll PM them.

So, new backup worked like a charme - thank you. BUT i would like to see the O&V Window removed or at least have an option: always show all drives. This is because i need to back up multiple drives and don't want to to switch between the "master-layers" in O&V-window. is this possible in a future release?
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