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Messages posted by: Johannes
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Version 1.2.0(23) alpha, which I'm about to build and post to the forum, should also address this problem too.

confirmed: The Update fixes the Growl issue.

I'd be really curious to know what the home path property of your user account is.

/Volumes/Tscho (this is one of the partitions of the internal Drive)

Thanks for the update and the great support!

Crash is fixed, so we can proceed to the mysterious recapturing of unchanged items.

1) The pdf files
The log lists a reason for the pdf files: finderInfo different.
I checked the xattr (hope that is the right track) of one of those files.

The Original file reads:
00000000 50 44 46 20 70 72 76 77 00 10 3C 50 63 6E 74 6C |PDF prvw..<Pcntl|
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 |................|

The recalled tmp file from the last backup run reads:
00000000 50 44 46 20 70 72 76 77 00 00 3C 50 00 00 00 00 |PDF prvw..<P....|
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 |................|

So there is a difference (bold face). But I did not do anything to the file. Could it be that QRecall ignores some of the bytes/attributes?

2) The folders
Apart from the pdf files (and their parent folders) there is a bunch of about hundred folders that are recaptured every time. I get no reason for capturing those in the log. I have only one clue what those folders might have in common: All of them were created long ago (eventually in OS 9 ages). Of course they got transferred several times to new Volumes and machines.

Does that make any sense?

Thanks for the Growl trouble shooting hints. All is in place and running as it should and no error Messages.

I did some further investigation and discovered:

Growl works fine if I activate Notification for Action Started in the Growl preferences. If Action Started is deactivated (and I had it deactivated because I am only interested in the result), Growl will not show up the other two Notifications (that both are activated).
I don't know who's the culprit Growl or QRecall. Anyway - this is not a major issue.

Nice feature - but not crashing the QRecallBundledHelper

When I enable it the capture-action will not complete.
The Log says (after producing the first decision output)
Lost connection with command
connection with command closed
Unable to connect with helper
cannot establish a connection with helper
Port: QRecallHelper.1b71efb

Further investigation brought up a crash log for QRecallBundledHelper.

The next run of the action will do some auto-repair (Undid incomplete changes made by previous action).

This is reproducible a result of switching the QRLogCaptureDecisions Setting. If I set it to false everything runs fine again.

So we have to fix this first, before i can go on with investigating.

During my testing (b19) I noticed a bunch of hundred items that were captured again and again with each run. These items are mainly folders (most of them empty in the layer) and a few pdf files. I have not touched them or altered them (or their content) between the runs (I have not touched some of them for years).

Thanks to QRecalls space saving algorithms they only add up to a few KB run. But they waste resources, make seraching the browser confusing and I wonder: what could be the reason for this behaviour?

James Bucanek wrote:The "exclude caches" filter works by getting the home-path property of each user account, and using that path to locate the ./Library/Caches folder for each user. If the home-path property returns an invalid path, then none of the user-specific filters (caches, trash, ...) will work.

That's the reason for the problem. I have two users on my machine with their user folder on disks that are not attached most of the time. Perhaps when revising the filter section next time you can teach your filter to ignore those unavailable paths (no need to exclude something thats not available )
For now I will simple add the folder to the manual filter.

Bruce might be on to something, although I'd be surprised if the system font metrics were different. Most of the system fonts in OS X are full Unicode fonts that work for most of the languages which OS X supports.
None the less, this is as good a theory as any. I'll have to try some different localizations and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions.

I am on a German system.

Look in your system console (either around the time that you last logged in or QRecall was installed for the first time). Look for a message that says "Could not load Growl.framework". If you find this, then that's the problem.

Nothing like that in Console. Strange thing.

Thanks for the fast response.

I don't see that behavior here. Please send a diagnostic report (Help > Send Report...). There might be some clue as to why those filters aren't working.

diagnostic report is out. One reason might be that my user folder is a dedicated Volume and therefore not within the /user folder of the System volume.

I also don't see that here. In the screen shot, your font is bigger than what I see on any of my test systems. Have you used a utility to alter the system fonts or their default sizes?

I have not used a utility to alter the system font (but my eyes are quite happy that the font is not smaller). A simple solution would be to allow the user to adjust the column width.

I'm getting them. I'm running Grown 1.2.1 and (as far as I know) QRecall uses the latest Growl interface library. Make sure you have notifications from QRecall enabled. You might also try restarting Growl (or your system) and see if that fixes it.

I am using the same version, the notifications are enabled and I did a restart. But I noticed that the QRecall package does not contain Growl.framework in the framework folder (but the Growl preferences lists QRecall).

Welcome aboard, and keep those bug reports and feature requests coming.

Sure. (AppleScript and Automator seems to be on your list already)


I am new to this forum and new to QRecall (and in search for a Time Machine alternative for versioned backups). I decided to do my evaluation on the beta ( So far it looks very promising.

I discovered a few things (bugs):
- ~/Library/Cache is not excluded even if the option "exclude Cache files" is checked
- The Date/Time column in the Log Window is a bit too small and truncates the second figure of the minutes. See screenshot. Not a major issue but when testing things the minutes are important
- Growl notification seem not to work

And one little feature request:
- give me an option to ignore files that I have no permission for. I don't want to run my backups as root, but I have a few session files in my Sites folder that are owned by www. No need to backup them. But QRecall alerts me of the "problem" every time.

So far for now. All in all I am very pleased after the first testing.

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