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Messages posted by: Steven Haver
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Great. Thank you so much.

There should be very little duplication between the two volumes, so I'll start with separate archives to start and then adjust over time if needed. Really looking forward to it and really appreciate all of your advice!
James Bucanek wrote:That's a lot of questions, but I'll see what I can do..

Thank you so much! I'm much clearer on everything now and I hope others will find your response here on the forum and it will answer their questions as well.
Now that I understand about Catalina's read-only system volume that clears up a lot of confusion and I don't feel the need to back up that volume.

A clean operating system is always reinstalled from a safe, reliable source.

Ok, this makes sense. It's tough only because half the year I have 300Mbps internet and the other half of the year I only have 5Mbps. In the first case, doing a fresh install via the internet is a breeze. In the second case, it's an overnight ordeal at best. But the future is bright. Either fiberoptic or Starlink will make its way here soon enough.

I remember once adding memory to my computer, only to find that Photoshop wouldn't launch anymore because it was convinced I had copied it to another computer.
Ha! And I imagine the new memory was largely to help with Photoshop. That's how they get you!

James Bucanek wrote:partitions ... they're soooo 1990's
Haha! I love this. Yes, I won't be adding any partitions to my Mac but I probably will add a second volume within the same volume container for my projects drive. It's just neater and easier for me to navigate when I can see all my folders right on the root of the volume.

Can QRecall capture two different volumes to the same archive? If so, are there any obvious advantages or disadvantage to doing it that way? Would it be better to keep them as two separate archives?

Thanks again for all of your time!
I just bought my identity key, looking forward to making QRecall part of my backup strategy.

I've been reading through the help guides (which are great and have answered a lot of my questions, thanks). I do still have a few questions and this seems like a forum full of experts on the subject, so if it's ok to ask this question here, I'd like to get some advice on my new backup strategy. In terms of backing up data, QRecall is a huge improvement to what I have done in the past. But I'd like to understand better its limitations (if any) when restoring the entire start up volume.

Some background info: I just bought a new Macbook Pro and it's my first new computer since the early 2000s (Windows XP). Back in those days I was using a combination of disk imaging (PowerQuest Drive Image iirc) and manual back ups of important documents to an external drive (easily done in Windows Commander, later known as Total Commander). But my windows days mostly ended after XP and I've been a Mac user the last 15 years or so, although most of my time was spent working on machines administered by others. So, in other words, this is the first time I get to be in charge of my own backup solution on a Mac.

In my XP days I would keep the OS, applications, and all preference files on the main start up volume and then I would keep all of my data, documents, photos, music, audio and video projects, etc. on a separate partition. [Plus one more partition to make disk images of the first partition—the latest image was also backed up to the external disk.] I loved this set up back in the day because I don't love it when the OS (Windows or Mac OS) tries to manage my photos, music, documents, etc. I haven't done this yet on my new Mac but I think I would like to.

But so much has changed since last I did any of this that I feel a little lost.

As far as I can tell, there's not an easy way to create/restore static images on an APFS volume. Is there some utility that can boot from an external drive and then create/restore static images while the OS is not active? Is this not necessary anymore? What are recommended ways to be able to recover completely in the event of malware or some other failure to the start up disk?

I see that APFS supports snapshots but they seem limited to me: 1) the snapshot is stored on the local disk, so in the event of failure that snapshot doesn't exist anywhere else. 2) Is there a risk that some malware finds a way to escalate privileges and then mark itself as part of a previous snapshot? Perhaps that is a baseless concern. 3) The OS seems to have all the control over snapshots, so even if I make what I consider to be the perfect snapshot, OS X may at some point in the future decide that snapshot is old and delete it (keeping, perhaps, newer ones that it made itself but are not useful to me).

One of my concerns is for my software licenses. I do audio work, and I own quite a few audio plugins. Many of them are registered by a key and often that key is single use. So once the key has been applied, it can't be applied again without contacting the company and requesting a reset. So, ideally, a restore solution for the start up volume should not upset that apple cart, otherwise it's a whole day of work going online and requesting re-activations, etc. Bleh.

My other concern is about backing up while the OS is running. Are there any risks for doing live captures of Catalina? Would there be any benefit to making a bootable clone (with CCC or Super Duper or something—I've never used either) and running the initial QRecall capture from the clone so that the internal start up volume is not active at the time?

Sorry for such a long post. Just trying to wrap my head around 15 years of changes (plus I'm 15 years older than I was back then) so I appreciate your advice. Hopefully the answer is just run QRecall and be happy.
Great, thank you very much!

And I now have my new permanent key.
I intend to be a new user very shortly and just wondering if there's any reason why I should wait for a version 3 release? I presume not. But since this was the thread I found when I was searching for an answer, it seemed more relevant to ask the question here than create a new thread.

It's been 4 years since this post and it seems that version 3 is looming sometime in the future. So I was just wondering if there has been any update to your licensing model? Will an identity key for version 2 work when version 3 comes out? From what I've read, it seems version 3 will be a pretty overhauled version, but you've also said in other threads that people would have plenty of notice if your licensing plans were going to change. So just curious. Thank you!

[Completely off topic: On the list of feature page on the website (http://www.qrecall.com/features.jsp) it only mentions working through Mojave, although it's clear from the home page that version 2.2 works with Catalina and APFS. So just sharing that from the perspective of a new customer looking at the website for the first time. ]
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