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Current Maxium Archive Size? RSS feed
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Jeffrey Kane

Joined: May 24, 2019
Messages: 8
I know that the archive used to be capped at 2TB, but that was back in 2009. What are the current limits. I seemed to have hit mine.
Also is there a way to divide up an archive (the two separate volumes that were backed up into it) into two separate archives without destroying the original one (since it contains important old info)?

James Bucanek

Joined: Feb 14, 2007
Messages: 1557
There are actually three archive size limits.

QRecall's internal limit is now 6TB. It was 2TB—and still is if you happen to be running one of the (very old) 32-bit versions of QRecall/OS X.

The second limit is the maximum file size supported by the archive's volume. This varies from one format to another, but if there is a limit it's typically either 2TB or 4TB. For example, a USB volume factory formatted for MS-DOS (AKA FAT32) can't store files larger then 4TB.

Finally, QRecall tries to prevent the archive from growing until it fills up the entire volume.

If you're hitting the 2TB limit, you need to upgrade your OS. If you're hitting the 6TB limit, splitting your archive is a good solution (and will probably improve performance). If you're hitting the file size limit, consider reformatting the volume to a format the supports larger files or split your archive. If your volume is full, you probably need a second/larger volume.

There's no way to split an archive directly. (This has been a requested feature, but is still on the wish list.) However, it's pretty easy to do manually.

  • Decide on a division of content. In my personal system, I capture my iTunes folder (which is pretty huge) to a second archive, and everything else to my primary archive.

  • Duplicate your archive.

  • In one archive, delete everything you plan to capture in the second archive.

  • In the second archive, delete everything you'll be capturing in the first archive.

  • Compact both archives.

  • In the first (say the "everything else") archive's settings, exclude the item(s) you plan on capturing to the second archive.

  • Continue capturing everything to the first archive (the exclusion rule will omit the items you plan to capture to the second archive).

  • Create a new capture action to the capture the excluded item(s) to the second archive.

  • Make a copy of all of the maintenance actions for the first archive (merge, compact, repair, ...), and change the archive so those same actions are performed regularly on the second archive.

  • It's a good idea to suspend your scheduled actions while you're performing this kind of surgery.

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