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Messages posted by: Paul Mann
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Sounds perfect.

Will let you get on then and concentrate on coding rather than answering my forums posts


Looks cool James, thanks for the info.

Shame about the bump in required macos version, but understandable.

Will the database structures still be compatible, so users on 10.7 can still use the same db, using 2.0.x, or will that be an upgraded format.

Is the calendar pane the vertical light blue area on the main screen of the app at the moment?
James Bucanek wrote:Paul,

Things are actually going pretty well, just not on schedule.

The XPC and memory management changes are all done and appear to be working well. There's a bunch of fixes and some small new features have been added.

The work now is entrenched/mired/submerged in the UI changes, which continue to progress nicely but the scope of which has grown to be much larger than I had originally planned. It's like the pulling the proverbial thread; redesigning one features of the UI opens the possibility of redesigning two others, and so on, until I've found myself reimplementing most of the interface. I think you'll like the changes, it just taking up a lot of time and energy.

Once the UI is settled, I'll probably launch a beta to ferret out any problems with the aforementioned changes while simultaneously adding some of the new remote archive features.

Sounds good James, thanks for the update.

I can imagine the scope expands, but try and refrain as we don't need everything redesigned, just something a little easier to navigate for new users like me (although I am getting used to the interface a lot more now).

All the best

Been a while since I asked James and I am looking forward to some remote backup support.

Hows things


Cool, thanks for the further update.
OK thats good news, thanks.

Once Sierra is released, I'll wait for the update before upgrading.

Hi James

Should we be holding off on this one with 2.03?

Hello James

Thanks for the full explanation as usual

Good to hear there maybe some speed improvements, to show for your summer of rewrites.

It maybe short, but its a sweet set of new features in my view and ones that I am excited to try; especially bullet 2, which will allow me to use qrecall at all stages of my workflow.

Thanks! and keep up the good work

Hi James

Wondered how you are doing with the further updates you mentioned on email?

I couldn't hold out asking any longer


OK Thanks.

Ok thanks.

No its not a mac, but a linux server that I can sleep and wake remotely.

With the wish to save energy while its not needed I want to have the Mac (qrecall) initiate its wake from slumber, only when it was required for backup.

Can I get QRecall to issue a shell command where I could add the WOL request via a command line tool perhaps?

I am trying to get my server to be woken up by QRecall just before it is due to be used as the backup destination by QRecall

Is this possible to set a condition of sending a magic packet to a mac address, then wait, then look for the destination archive?

Thanks in advance
Merely to confirm the archive is encrypted and protected successfully, rather than having to go the the encryption menu to check.

Having set the encryption key, its not a given that you've pressed the encypt button to actually encrypt the archive.

I have forgotten on occasions and swore the encryption was done, but hadn't actually said, go and encrypt now.

Using qrecall to store my confidential data, i don't want to make a mistake and upload an archive to the cloud, without being encrypted.
With the addition of encyption, yay! it would be good to see that the archive is encrypted from the status window somehow

Perhaps another differant coloured dot?

So its obvious that encryption is enabled with the more archives I create.


Thanks for taking a look at them at least

One other comment is that the learning curve for me has been quite steep and I am still not sure I have everything covered.

It might be worth simplifying the view (or Simple/Advanced) to the core details so at a glance a user knows that everything is selected to backup, on a schedule and when the next action will happen, the excluded items etc, so they feel that as a beginner they have the basics of backup and verification sorted.

I don't mean big buttons or over simplified views, but when I saw the complexity it was initially daunting, but of course that complexity means highly flexible and powerful once you get happy with the basics.

Just a comment as a new user
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