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Messages posted by: Clive Golding
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Thanks James, I'll update. Hopefully you won't hear from me for a while.
Hi James, Success! Your Alpha release sorted my problems. I see you now have version 47 of the Beta. Should I now install that, or will that bring back my troubles back?
Thanks James, I will download the Alpha version and give it a go. I'll report back tomorrow.
Hi James, I deleted the existing archive and then set up a new capture strategy to backup on connection of the hard drive (Maxtor Onetouch III via Firewire). Again it worked fine for the first time. I then ejected the drive and switched it off. I sent a couple of emails and then started the hard drive again. QRecall started up and tried to backup again, but failed to complete. I have attached the log file again.
Hi James,

Thanks for the quick response. I'll delete the archive and try it again.

My first external drive is a Maxtor onetouch III with a Firewire connection. It doesn't unmount when the computer goes to sleep, but it has a seperate power supply, so I suppose a brief power outage could cause this.

The second and smaller external drive I have been writing to gets it's power from the USB port and as my computer is a laptop that should be a safe supply, and I haven't ever noticed it unmount unexpectedly.

I am not sure your explanation covers it. If the problem is just that the computer goes to sleep, why does it work correctly the first time? Both drives backed up properly the first time but wouldn't with subsequent attempts. I erased the small drive and started again, and it backed up correctly for the first time again, but refused to afterwards. As I said I will try it again now, and then repeat it later and post the results.
I have tried to backup to 2 different external drives configuring the capture when external drive is connected option. In each case it works the first time, and then will not successfully do so again. I have tried re-indexing and repairing without success. I have attached log file.
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