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Messages posted by: Charles Watts-Jones
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Attachment failed first time.
James Bucanek wrote:
I wonder if this explains the problem I've been having on my sever.

Very likely.

Version 1.0.0(49) should resolve this problem. It's finished and available on the alpha release feed. It's been undergoing testing here for the past two days. If all goes well, I'll release it to the beta feed tomorrow.

I'm afraid that the cure hasn't worked for me. The attachment shows the log after installing v49, then logging out/in and finally a restart. The good news is that the Activity Monitor continues to show that QRecall will back-up as scheduled. I have sent this month's log file to James separately.

-- Charles
James Bucanek wrote:A recent change to OS X now kills (SIGKILL -- essentially a force quit) any process belonging to the user when they log out. Worse, it kills any background process that tries to start up again.

This change makes it impossible for the scheduler to run while logged out.

Just for the record, I get the problem with a restart too. This is with 10.4.10, I didn't see it with 10.4.9.

-- Charles
James Bucanek wrote:Then I need to theorize a reason why your log records would stop when you log out. Are you using FileVault by any chance?

No. By the way I don't see the problem when I restart.

-- Charles
Most nights I log out leaving the computer on. I got into the habit of doing this when I was using Personal Backup which ran at night with all users logged out. I also have the impression that logging out/in can improve performance if I've updated software during the day, wrongly perhaps?

-- Charles
Log file sent separately. Yes - QRecall is eventually connecting as the back-ups are running as scheduled.

-- Charles
I switched to b48 yesterday. Today the Log reports that it has a problem connecting to the scheduler and subsequently advises that the communications socket is broken (see attachment for full detail). The Activity Monitor however appears happy and is quoting the next run correctly.

A couple of days ago I upgraded to 10.4.10 (because Apple told me that syncing with dotmac wouldn't work correctly if I didn't) and I've noticed that start-up time is longer that it was with 10.4.9. I also have quite a number of log-in items. Maybe the time-out delay is a little too short?

-- Charles
I have just one QRecall archive on my external drive. When I drop the menu File > Open Recent, I see the archive file twice, once as a root-level file and once as a folder (see attachment). Is this a small display bug? BTW both open the archive.

-- Charles
You write:

> If it's occurring more than once, or at other times, then
> that's a bug that needs to be investigated.

As far as I can tell from the log file, this happens every time that I log in or restart. It is not happening when QRecall runs. And I should add that I'm running beta 47 and have never changed version.

-- Charles
I've just started trying QRecall which I'd like to adopt in place of Data Backup. As the latter has given trouble, I check all backup log files fairly often. QRecall's file is showing the message 'Scheduler version mismatch' which is 'a problem that requires my attention'. Unfortunately I can't find guidance on what I should do in the help file and would appreciate advice.

-- Charles
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