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Capturing/recapturing from SMB volumes RSS feed
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Andy Waschick

Joined: Apr 13, 2007
Messages: 2
I've gone round and round with this issue and I think I have narrowed it down somewhat-- The situation is that part of what I am needing to back up lives on a Windows server which is accessed through two different volumes mounted with Samba. When I do an initial capture on the files, everything is recognized and archived cleanly. However, when I go to do a recapture, Qrecall will only recognize the most recently-used Samba volume.

If I try to recapture a folder on the other volume, Qrecall says the folder no longer exists, even though it is clearly mounted on my desktop. When I do this manually in Qrecall itself, I get a nice little dialog box that tells me I'm crazy and those folders aren't there-- but if I let the scheduler handle the backup, it blows up and ends up corrupting my .quanta file, after which I get data integrity errors when trying to access the file.

Perhaps related to this is the fact that when I run the backup manually in Qrecall and capture my Samba volumes, only one of them shows up in the owners and volumes drawer-- the one which I can still do captures from. And, while I cannot do a REcapture from the other Samba volume, I CAN drag a folder from the other volume in manually, at which point it is seen and successfully added as a layer. When I do this, the samba volume which I see in the drawer changes to the one I just dragged from, and recaptures to the (previously available) volume become impossible.

As a temporary solution, I am considering installing an appleshare stack on my windows server, but I would rather not since I have the thing working pretty well on its own and appleshare through windows is not always that reliable-- not to mention that I'm not sure I would not encounter the same problem trying to capture the same network mount using a different protocol. Thoughts, suggestions, questions are welcome.
James Bucanek

Joined: Feb 14, 2007
Messages: 1568
Disclaimer: I've never tested QRecall on an SMB mounted volume and have no idea if it will even work. QRecall was designed to work with HFS+ volumes, although I'm open to getting it work with other filesystems as time permits.

With that out of the way, I'd be very interested in getting a copy of your log file (~/Library/Logs/QRecall/QRecall.log) that covers the time both for successful and unsuccessful captures. You can send them directly to james@qrecall.com.

I can imaging all kinds of things that might be going wrong. Looking at the logs will help me narrow down the possibilities.

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