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Messages posted by: Cody Frisch
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seeing as you clearly have a really good idea of what files are duplicated, and know how manage metadata, would it be possible to create utility/component to qrecall that deduplicates data and uses cloning in APFS?

also track the clone status of the files and backup the cloning metadata so that if we restore two files that are cloned - only one gets restored and the other cloned from it with metadata set correctly to match the original.

"Run actions when logged out" was turned off.

Wouldnt surprise me on the permissions.
I'm consistently getting errors about the scheduler not running, as well as other helpers.

It started after I cloned my boot drive to a new SSD. I also moved my home folder to an NVMe drive in a PCIe slot. (cant boot it on a MacPro4,1->5,1)

The error says to restart QRecall or reboot. Done both a number of times.

Also noticed the installer runs and says it cannot find the application.

I'm on the latest version.
I figured it was something simple as that! Thanks.
I am unable to find the capture preferences option in services to enable it.

Both Capture to QRecall Archive and Reveal in QRecall Archive are visible. (See screen shot.)

Just upgraded to 2.0
Am I "dumb" or is there no way to save a set of actions to a file and import them again? Basically "backup" your "backup actions". This comes into play when I'm formatting/reinstalling the system from scratch - sadly a too often occurrence/ritual for me.
Actually on second thought, AppleScript support would do what I'm looking to do. I do video editing and I often run a set of operations by script, and then I'd like to be able to say "backup everything in my working volume" as part of that operation. This would be better than a manual step like I was thinking before.

(the grouping was to call a group of actions together, and the end actions was to chain them together)
I think it would be nice to see the "actions" list available through a menubar item, easily suspend, stop, reschedule, and pause.

Also I'd love to see "grouping" in the actions list. Mostly for organization purposes since it shouldn't matter beyond that really. Just group by archive, though obviously once can sort now, it would be nice to have everything for one archive then sorted by capture, merge, compact, etc.

I'd also love to see "end actions". When one action completes it automatically calls another action. Rather than relying on the scheduler having a different time.
That does make sense. Since most of my data is already compressed i've decided its probably most efficient to just leave compression at the fastest setting anyway. About 550GB of my data is mostly mp3, flac, and Panasonic DVCPro HD video footage. The other 350GB is mostly video in various formats and PDF which are already compressed. I'm not going to gain much with higher compression.

Thanks for your explanation!
I just find it interesting that here is a program that seems to be written by one guy, and its far more capable than applications written by companies with several employees. (Not to mention much less expensive.)

One thing I was thinking could be useful, is compression rules on an archive. Exclude certain file types (mp3, mov, mp4) from being compressed at all since they aren't that efficient to compress again. Trade off by focusing the compression on those things which can really benefit.
This is what I have wanted my backup software to always do. You've made it, it seems to be blazing fast for me (8 core mac pro, 8GB (for now) RAM, and a RAID 0 with my data on it)

I'd definitely love to see more filter capabilities, especially finder labels. Though QRecall lets me not exclude things I used to with ChronoSync, since now it doesn't backup my entire iPhoto library at 22GB every time I modify a file. (I know ChronoSync could dissect bundles but that caused issues with other things.)

Overall so far I am extremely impressed, I'm running the latest beta on a beta key, but once I am positive this is going to work for me (give myself a week or so of backups, do some recalls, etc.) I will definitely be making a purchase.

All in all I love it!
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