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Messages posted by: Nico Dudek
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Hello James,

best support ever!
Have a nice day, here the day ends slowly...
Stay healthy!

Best Nico
Hi James,


Now that the restore is done and the question of ownership is clear to me I have a general question regarding
archive handling:

I have restored the Archive from my desktop to the external SSD. My goal is, after opening my iMac in the next days for
RAM upgrade and resolving the Fusion Drive to afterwards using the external SSD as my main system/boot/data disk and using the
internal disks only as additional data volumes. Until I do this I´ll use the internal FD of the iMac as I did before.

So I have a restored Archive on the external SSD disk with the state from yesterday. The installed QRecall points
to the same archive like my still working internal FD on my iMac.
I left the external SSD as it is and worked today on my iMac booting from FD. There were QR captures
today so the state of the archive reflects the system from now, whereas the external SSD reflects the archive state from yesterday when
I restored the archive.

If I would restore the archive again AFTER doing all my hardware upgrade work again on the external Blade SSD would this be incremental
or would QR do it from scratch?

Thanks again for your answer


Hello James,

thnx for your quick reply!

Just another question:

Just FYI, the "Ignore ownership and permission" option must be turned off when restoring items on a startup volume.

Does this mean I have to redo the restore on my blade SSD again?


Hi James,

I think I solved the problem: There was no full disk access checked for "com.qrecall.hoist"
in the system preferences (System Preferences->Security&Privacy->Privacy->Full Disk Access)...#
Sometimes things are pretty close but not visible The restore is just working in the background
and hope it will be finished securely. Then I´ll install Catalina on top and hope everything is
working fine...

Thanks for your quick responses and much appreciated help

Greetings from overseas
Hi James,

I followed the steps you suggested but the same problem persists. By the way, ownership at both disks is set to "ignore".
I just sent you the Logfile out of QRecall as requested.

Thanks for your help!

Hi James,

Things don´t seem that easy as I thought...

I installed Catalina clean on a new external 1TB Nvme SSD.

Then I tried to restore my volume from my QRecall Archive to the external SSD using the "Restore Volume to..." command.

It failed "Restore encountered Problems"

Your help would be highly appreciated because I can´t read the log information properly according to my IT non-knowledge...
I attached the Log File and a screenshot from the log menu of QRecall...

Many Thanks in advance and best from overseas


Thanks a lot James! Learning always something new here
Hi James,

first of all thanks again for the always excellent and highly appreciated customer support!
Actually everything sounds logical. I resume:

1 Making an QRecal Archive of my running FD system onto my external 2TB backup partition on my HFS+ formatted 8TB disk

------ Crash on iMac -----

1 Hardware swap
2 Installing Catalina new from an earlier created USB Stick/External SSD (with Apple Catalina installer and Qrecall installed) onto the new 1TB new internal iMac disc (in my case it will be a SSD)
3 From the same USB Stick/External SSD I open Qrecall and open the Archive from the external 2TB HFS+ formatted drive and recover the files to the new replaced 1TB new internal iMac disc
4 Restart from the iMac again...

But one question by a non-developer stays:

Once installed, you can then use QRecall to restore the volume; QRecall will figure out that this is a startup volume, find the "data" half, and restore all of your files.

When I freshly install Catalina on my swapped iMac system HD it is blank without all my programs, that I had installed before. My question: are programs part of the Data so that they are in the found
"data" half

and will be restored than automatically to my system by Qrecall or are program files completely or partly belonging to the system half and I have to install them myself again later...? I hope the first is true

Thanks for your patience

Best Nico
Hello James,

I am running into some issues. I own a new iMac 2017 with a 1TB fusion drive (FD) and MacOS Catalina running.
In case of a system crash on the iMac FD I would than change to a 1TB internal SSD rather than using again a FD. For this scenario
I need a backup strategy.

Can I backup the FD completely on an external HFS+ disk?
I guess not cause Catalina system requires an AFPS volume and AFPS on spinning HDs is endlessly slow.
So maybe one possibility is to backup only the data/document folder onto an external HFS+ disk and in case of a a drive failure
do a catalina system install from another SSD with APFS where I installed the system backup with all programs etc.
including a Catalina install dmg. AFTER that I recover the document folder with Qrecall and the the archive on the external HFS disk.

FD 1T Backup plan:
--> external 1 SSD 128 GB /APFS with system, programs incl. Qrecall. plus Catalina installer
--> external 1 HDD 2TB /HFS+ with Qrecall archive with all document/Data files

In case of iMac system/FD crash:

A) Installing system from SSD to new imac 1TB SSD
B) Recovering the data with Qrecalll from the

2) Can I back up only the Catalina system with all the programs etc from the internal FD to an external SSD disk?

Installing Catalina on the external SSD drive for backup the system with the same account name as you suggested earlier to prevent
ownership issues is problematic and leads to Apple ID problems because of the same names. I have to computers
registered with the same name under the same Apple ID....Apple gets confused.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance


Top Customer support!
Thanks a lot James

Hi James,
First of all I hope you are healthy!
I have A question:
Changing to MacOS Catalina I would like to use
FileVault 2 AND Qrecall on my iMac. How can I accomplish this?
I know this question was discussed earlier and
you were advicing not to use both together. What about today?
I really would like to ist FV for security reasons...

Thanks for your answer in advance

Thanks, perfect!
Hi James, First I hope you are healthy and well!

I just have a question: I backuped my MacMini with Qrecall (QR) on an external HD and now want to move my archive to a new external HD with more space to avoid a complete new backup procedure. On the new HD I also installed the same system version of High Sierra with same username to be safe in case my MacMini crashes.

After copying the archive I was asked to reindex it. Is this normal and worth to do? Or would you recommend a new archive instead of moving the old one?

Thanks for your answer in advance

Best from Germany

Nico Dudek
Hi James,

now as a QRecall Newbie I slowly try to get into your marvellous piece of software. I really like it although
its approch is so different from other backup software. Needs some time I guess to get things right.

I just archived my hard drive successfully. Now after a new clean install of High Sierra I want to recall
my archive, BUT not all files. So with a lot of files after a while I could become confused what files I already
recalled because the recalled files are spreaded over the whole archive. So I thought it would be great
to mark items in the item browser (flags, colors...whatever) to see what files already have been recalled.

Is something possible like this or just too much huzzle?

Best Nico
Hi James,

Updating to Version 2.1.8 did it! It´s just updating in the background. I am very impressed by the speed!
And by your support as well

Thanks a lot.

Best from Europe

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