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Messages posted by: Gary K. Griffey
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James...as always...thanks for the quick reply....

I proceeded with the steps that you outlined...and sure enough...the files were captured correctly with the subsequent attempt.

This does, however, raise some rather disturbing questions in my mind...most notably...is this happening with other QRecall captures that I rely upon...and am I simply not aware of it? Both of the MacBooks in this case are running 10.6.4...with no outstanding updates...so it would appear that OS version incompatibility is not the issue at least in my case.

I understand that this is an Apple issue...not a QRecall issue...but it is really scary to think about how many folks could be missing deltas in their QRecall archives.

Thanks again for your time...your product rocks!

Hi James,

During the past week...I had a chance to test some additional captures using the beta 1.2 version. I seem to have hit on an issue that I am hoping you can shed some light on.

Last Wednesday...I restarted one of my MacBook Pro's in target disk mode...and performed a QRecall capture of the entire laptop's hard drive via Firewire to another MacBook Pro. The initial capture went smoothly....no issues.

I continued using the first laptop normally since last Wednesday...including a VMWare Fusion virtual machine. This morning...I performed the exact same procedure...I restarted the laptop in target disk mode...attached it to my second laptop using a FireWire cable...and attempted a QRecall recapture of the entire drive...the recapture finished in about 10 seconds...unfortunately, QRecall did not recognize the fact that the VMWare virtual machine had changed over the past 3 days...and so it did not choose to recapture it. The modify timestamp on the VMWare virtual machine package is today's date...and thus...I would think that QRecall should have certainly included it in its recapture operation.

Any ideas?


I just wanted to provide my feedback with respect to performance using the new Beta 1.2 of QRecall.

I have a nightly scheduled QRecall backup that was consistently running in excess of 8 hours to an external Firewire drive...that same backup...using the new Beta 1.2...is now running in less than 55 minutes...a huge 8X performance increase.

This is really outstanding...your product has always worked very well for me...it has saved my "backside" on numerous occasions...but with this new update...it is truly an amazing utility.

As always...I have recommended your application to all of my mac clients...thanks again for all of your dedication!!


OK..Sent Via e-mail.

I will send the requested info...


I am running the release of QRecall. I am now experiencing the same issue as the original poster..."Lost Contact with the Helper"...

Is the fix that you posted back in January 55D included in the release?

If so...the problem evidently has not been fixed...


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