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Messages posted by: Chris Caouette
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Thanks for the reply and looking forward to the beta version!

I did just submit another post in the problems section, but it seems a different issue than what I wrote. There is a folder on a Time Capsule disk I want to archive. The automation doesn't actually capture anything (the file path is correct)...it just completes immediately. If I capture from the "capture" button in the archive window it prompts me to choose what to capture and proceeds from there.
I have some folders on a time capsule disk that I want to automate a weekly backup of. I thought it was supposed to automount and eject these drives now but it isn't doing that. Is this an issue unique to networked drives?
Awesome thank you for the reply. I will work on building a working backup designed around QRecall now instead of CCC.
I'll explain what I am trying to do. I haven't used QRecall in some time (I always felt I was having issues with bad archives).
Well, I'm wanting to go back to this method.

Part 1: What I am wondering is I'd love to have an Archive called "Archived Projects" but those projects can come from different drives. Rather than place them onto another drive first I'd prefer, if possible, to place them into a QRecall archive under a single folder.

Part 2: I have been keeping duplicate backups (backup of a backup). If I use Carbon Copy Cloner to keep copies of QRecall archives in another location, when the QRecall archive changes, will it just be an entirely one large new file that gets copied, or would CCC potentially only see the changes? Not sure you could make an Archive of an Archive. The example here is I have an archive called "Projects" on a networked drive. If I want to make an overnight update of that on another drive is it going to copy the entire file or just parts?

I have an automated sequence for backing up a drive to an archive that is on a network drive. Qrecall is mounting the drive fine if I run manually or tell it to run in the middle of the day but my schedule is for at night.
I always wake up to errors saying it cannot locate the archive becuase it isn't mounting the drive. Any thoughts?
Sounds great! I'm also returning to QRecall after not using it for a long time. So glad to see you not making this abandon-ware since it is still one of the greatest backup solutions.
I just had the exact same problem with my iMac suddenly becoming completely full and I could not find the problem child. The only thing that had changed was I recently re-installed Qrecall after having used Time Machine for a while. As much as I love QR I can only assume that it was the culprit and with you experiencing the same that confirms it. I had to reinstall the OS on a new drive and do the mac to mac transfer to get back my space.

I am on 10.9.1 and QR was storing to a Time Capsule too.

I'm still fighting this one myself. The only archive that seems to have this problem is my main one. I've had to run Time Machine instead while I try to figure this out. I deleted and created a new archive, it runs fine for a while then
it suddenly has the 'helper' error. I'll send over another report.

Yes exactly just like a spinning sync circle or something to that effect that lives in the top toolbar (next to your time, wireless indicator, etc).
I am not sure what you are asking?
Not to sidetrack the discussion too much but i'm starting anew with my archives now that Lion is out...and I'm not worried about older versions of files as my current setup is all I need. As a 'wish list' item I'd like to have a simple sync icon akin to what Time Machine does in the top right rather than a activity window.

Just a little FYI I made the move and so far Qrecall is performing like a champ in case anyone else is curious.

I have some archives that I also want to keep on a Time Capsule that is located in a garage separate from the house. Would you recommend setting QRecall to archive its own archive or is there a better
file sync program that can schedule this job on a regular bases?
Thanks Chris

On just my MacBook Pro I am getting this new error. The scheduler isn't running (it used to) and when I try to run it
manually it says Not Scheduled and tells me the scheduler service could not be contacted and to restart the app (doesn't help).
I re-installed but that didn't work either. Any ideas?

No problem and thanks again for fantastic software and helping out so quickly.
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